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    After leaving IBM, these two women made special dishes, bowls and spoons after eating.

    New Delhi. The restaurant business has been severely damaged in the Corona crisis. Consumers are worried about whether the food being delivered to the container has been properly cleaned. At the same time, if you touch the plastic container repeatedly, there is a risk of spreading the infection. In such a scenario, pots made by Bangalore-based startup ‘EdiblePRO’ may prove to be a good alternative.

    In fact, these pots can only be served once, meaning a cutlery set can only be used once. The biggest feature of this cutlery is that it has no hassle of washing. You can eat everything with a spoon, bowl, plate, glass after finishing the meal. In other words, the water that is wasted by washing dishes also survives.

    EdiblePro makes more than 80 kinds of cutlery products
    Leaving technology company IBM, Shaila Guru Dutt and Lakshmi Bhimachar, who started their company EdiblePro, say their products can be used instead of single-use plastic spoons, cups, bowls. Eating these is not only delicious but also nutritious. EdiblePro makes more than 80 kinds of cutlery products. These are also much cheaper. We tell you that Shaila and Lakshmi started this company in 2018 after leaving their jobs at IBM.

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    Harmful colors are not used
    EdiblePro has received a lot of support from the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for research and development. Shaila makes a variety of products using homemade flour and many other foods. The two registered the company after the cutlery samples were approved by an FSSAI-certified laboratory in Bangalore. These products do not use any harmful dyes or preservatives. Dyes extracted from many vegetables and fruits, including beets, carrots, and spinach, are used to color cutlery.

    It is nutritious as it is rich in fiber and protein
    Shaila and Lakshmi said that their cutlery is made with buckwheat, grains, pulses and spices. All these things are taken directly from the local farmers. Cutlery is very nutritious as it is rich in fiber and protein. All products are made in Palanahalli. For this reason, rural women also get jobs. The shelf life of food and snack products is six months. Spoons, knives, forks, bowls, plates, cups can be eaten directly without cooking. They last a long time. Once dipped in soup, it takes more than an hour for the spoon to melt. These products range in price from Rs 2 to Rs 155.

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