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    KANPUR: Ordnance factory makes rucksack bag for army, useful in glaciers, has other features

    Report – Akhand Pratap Singh
    Kanpur. Army soldiers had to carry many bags with them to keep their essentials, to overcome this problem, Ordnance Equipment Factory has developed a bag for soldiers in which soldiers can keep all their essentials. That is Soldiers have to keep ammunition Or medical kit or your other belongings, everything can be put in one bag. The Ordnance Factory named this bag Rucksack, which is special in many ways. The most important thing is that these bags cannot be made anywhere else except in the Kanpur factory. Let’s find out what are the features of rucksack bags.

    Ordnance Equipment Factory Deputy General Manager Anurag Yadav said this The factory received a patent for the rucksack. No one else can make rucksacks except the Ordinate Equipment Factory in Kanpur. Only Ordnance Factory Kanpur has been authorized to manufacture this bag. The Indian Army and many other paramilitary forces and state police are being contacted, from where the orders will be received, accordingly these bags will be manufactured and delivered to the Army.

    Why is the rucksack special?

    Talking about the features of the Rucksack, it has a luggage capacity of up to 70 liters. It will also work to make the products comfortable to use in both cold and hot weather. Soldiers live in places where the temperature is the lowest, such as glaciers, where their essentials are frozen, but when their luggage is put in this bag, that stuff will be normal.

    Soldiers can easily use this bag even in cold places. Talking about its fabric, 100% nylon is used inside. Besides, the outer part is made of nylon with PU coating.

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