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    Gangotri to Rameswaram…the exciting journey of Naga Saints, why and how they are traveling 4000 km?

    Dasari Kranti Kumar/Telangana. Nowadays many Naga saints are seen bowing together on the streets of Telangana. A vehicle also moves slowly with them, providing food and other essentials for these saints. These Naga Saints are actually going on a 4000 km long Pranaam Yatra and thus prostrate on the road all the way to Tamil Nadu. But why?

    These sadhus who are undertaking the Pranaam Yatra from Gangotri to Rameswaram for ‘Vishwa Kalyan’ meaning the good of the world, are originally from Madhya Pradesh and they started this journey from Uttarakhand in June last year. It is surprising to see these sadhus almost rolling on the asphalt-cement road in summer.

    The journey started from the hills and reached Bhadradri Kathgodam district of Telangana. Here at Bhadrachalam Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy temple also these saints offered special prayers. These sadhus start the Sastang Dandavat Yatra early in the morning and rest at night. Take breaks sometimes.

    What is Sashtang Namaskar?

    When you lower your body to the ground in such a way that eight major parts of your body from forehead to toes touch the ground, it is called Sastang Namaskar. It is a gesture of respect and devotion to one’s loved ones. Sastangari Nagara says that for Sastang Namaskar one should touch the ground with the head, eyes, ears, mouth, hands, thighs and feet.

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