Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    Escaping from Sudan: 900 km under firing… How did this Bengali engineer return home risking his life?

    Rudranarayan Roy/Calcutta. For the past six weeks, amid a war-like situation in Sudan, news of Indians leaving the country has been making headlines. About two weeks ago, India ended Operation Kaveri and claimed that all Indians had been rescued from Sudan. Now a nightmare story is coming out, which tells how to bring back stranded Indians in Sudan. This young man from Bengal narrated the incident in such a way that the picture of the crisis in Sudan becomes clear.

    Panic spread everywhere. Violence and attacks everywhere. To escape, people gathered and stayed in some safe places. We took shelter in a hotel in Khartoum. I had 49 other Indians with me. We were constantly seeking help from the Indian Embassy. Help did not seem to be reaching that hotel in Khartoum, so they had to travel 900 kilometers to Port Sudan.

    “There is no point in waiting when the hotel’s food stocks are running out.” We had to reach Port Sudan. Then the risk had to be taken. We hired a bus and paid 10 lakhs for it. Each person has spent about 30 thousand rupees. Everyone risked their lives to reach Port Sudan.

    Surjeet Dey with family.

    ‘We had no choice. We somehow managed to survive all the attacks and then we got an Indian flight under Operation Kaveri, which took us to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and from there to Delhi.

    Couldn’t contact the family for weeks!

    Surjit Dey, a software engineer by profession and resident of Bengal, told the story as he traveled to Sudan in March 2023, just days after his wedding. His family said that as the fighting between the army and security forces quickly broke out in Sudan, we could not even contact our relatives. All thanks India’s Operation Cauvery.

    Significantly, the ongoing military conflict in Sudan has killed more than 400 people so far. India has rescued around 3500 of its citizens and according to a UN report, around a million people have been displaced from there so far. Even now the situation in Sudan has worsened and the situation is such that there are airstrikes and explosions.

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