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    Assam: Tea was sold in the auction at 75 thousand rupees per kg, breaking its own record

    Dispur. At a tea auction held in Guwahati, Assam, a particular variety of tea sold at a record price of Rs 75,000 per kg. In this auction held at the Guwahati Tea Auction Center on Thursday, the local company bid so high for Sundar Gold Specialty Tea. An official said this information.

    Speaking to news agency PTI, Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers Association (GTABA) secretary Dinesh Bihani said that after a gap of one year, GTAC is once again offering Manohari Gold specialty tea. Got an opportunity to sell. “In a global pandemic, when the whole world is affected, this is a big achievement,” he said. Manohari Tea Estate works hard to produce this special tea in September and sends it to GTAC for sale. He said, GTAC is becoming a center for the exhibition of special tea of ​​Assam.

    The previous record was also in the name of this tea.
    Bihani said that the previous record was also in the name of this tea. At that time this tea was sold at the rate of 50 thousand taka per kg. On August 13 last year, Assam recorded another specialty tea. Golden Butterfly tea from Dicom Tea Estate was sold at GTAC at Rs 75,000 per kg.

    Guwahati-based Vishnu Tea Company, which bought the tea this year, will sell it on its e-commerce website 9amtea.com. Rajan Lohia of Manohari Tea Estate told Deccan Herald that 2.5 kg of tea was produced this year, of which 1.2 kg was sold at the auction held on Thursday. “The rest of the tea will be available at select outlets including the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre,” he said.

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