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    After Madhya Pradesh, now the demand for opening small schools in Delhi also arose

    New Delhi, Education: After the announcement of opening of schools from class 1st to class 5th in Madhya Pradesh, now the demand for opening of small schools in Delhi has also arisen. National Independent School Alliance (NISA) and Affordable Private Schools Association (APSA) have demanded from the Delhi Government to open schools from class 1 to class 5 in Delhi as soon as possible. So that children, parents, teachers and school owners can get relief.

    NISA and APSA officials say that when shopping malls, gyms, markets and cinema halls have been opened, then what is the problem in opening schools? While all the schools are ready to follow the Kovid protocol completely.

    It is noteworthy that on September 20, an announcement has been made to open schools from class 1st to 5th in Madhya Pradesh. The MP government has given approval to open all government and private schools from September 20. This decision has been taken in a meeting held recently under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Under this, it has been decided to resume all classes from September 20.

    Under the decision, classes from 1st to 5th will be conducted with the capacity of 50 percent children. During this, the Kovid protocol will be fully followed. At the same time, the classes of 8th, 10th and 12th will be conducted 100%. Whereas 50% of the 11th class students will be given hostel facility. Hostels for class VIII to X and class XII will be operated with 100% capacity.

    National President of NISA Dr. Chandrabhushan Sharma and President of APSA Lakshya Chhabria said that when the governments of other states can take big decisions regarding the opening of schools, then what is the problem with the Delhi government itself. The government has opened all the markets, shopping malls, cinema halls, and gyms in Delhi. Children are going everywhere. When the children are not facing any problem there, is there any fear of Kovid in the schools itself? Due to this thinking and carelessness of the government, children are being harmed mentally and physically, all the parents, teachers and school operators are also worried. Many small schools are on the verge of closure. That is why the Delhi government should now open schools.

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