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    After all, Mumbai Police became a delivery boy for 3 days to solve any case


    Mumbai police arrested two chain robbers in filmy style
    Two bikes and chains were recovered from the accused.

    Mumbai Police have busted a major terror gang in western suburbs after carrying out chain robberies. In this case, the Mumbai police arrested two chain robbers in a filmy-style operation. To nab these accused, the Mumbai Police disguised as a delivery boy chased and nabbed them. According to the police, both the accused used to target people going for morning walk. The arrested have been identified as Firoz Shaikh and Zafar Yunus and both are residents of Ambivali.

    Police said Jayant Rasane, a businessman, alleged that when he went for a morning walk, two bikers pulled his gold chain near the National Park. After this complaint, the Mumbai police started scanning the CCTV cameras of the area. After verifying around 300 cameras, the Mumbai police learned that the same gang was behind chain robberies in other areas of West Mumbai, including Kasturba Marg. Investigation revealed that the bike used in the crime was parked in a parking lot outside a railway station in Thane.

    The police suspected that the accused would surely come to take this bike. To nab the accused, the police team waited for the arrival of the accused disguised as a delivery boy for 3 days at Bitalwadi and Ambivali. Three days later, the accused arrived there to collect his stolen park bike, but the police had already unplugged the bike, so he could not escape. Two bikes and chains were recovered from the accused.

    Mumbai Police DCP Somnath Gharje said that the arrested accused are so clever that after the chain-robbery in Mumbai, they park their bikes in the east at Ambivali and head west. The police laid a trap and arrested the accused red-handed in a filmy style, but before the police caught the accused, hundreds of women from Ambivali had to face fiercely, as she opposed the arrest of the accused.

    The arrested accused are the most feared criminals so far and more than 20 robbery cases have been registered against them in various police stations in Mumbai.

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