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    The Afghan women’s cricketer claims that the ICC did not help, leaving the country was the most tragic

    London. Afghanistan is going through a lot of hardships nowadays. The country has fallen to the Taliban. But the biggest problem women are facing. Roya Shamim, a member of the Afghanistan cricket team, left the country with her two sisters and moved to Canada. He said all the female players had sought help from the ICC, but nothing had been done on their behalf. Last year, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) gave central contracts to 25 women players.

    According to the Guardian, all the female players had sent e-mails to the ICC regarding security. Roya Shamim said, “All the players have mailed to the ICC, but there has been no response from them. Why don’t they answer us? Why don’t they trust us? Treat us as if we did not exist on this earth. However, the ICC said it had not received any mail regarding the aid. We are closely monitoring the situation with the Afghanistan Board. Shamim and his two sisters left Kabul before the Taliban arrived.

    Far from playing against the education of Taliban girls

    “Leaving Afghanistan is one of the saddest days for me,” he said. I lost everything. Jobs, cricket, teammates, my home, my relatives, everything. I will start crying when I think of that day. When the Taliban last came to power, it banned women’s education and work. Roya Shamim said the Taliban are against girls’ education. Then why would they let us play?

    Concerned about fellow players

    Roya Shamim said she was worried about her fellow players. The other players on the team are still in Afghanistan and they are scared. They are prisoners at home. He said he was sorry and asked people for help. With the help of FIFA, 77 young female athletes and members of the football team were removed from the country. Not only that, two Paralympic athletes were also helped, but the women cricketers were released.

    Wait for our cricket board

    “When the Taliban enter Kabul, we appeal to the ICC to save the female players,” Shami said. The Afghanistan Cricket Board is not saying anything, just waiting. However, the ICC is constantly monitoring Afghanistan. If the women’s team is banned from playing, its full membership could also be lost. Shamim, 28, taught mathematics in Afghanistan. He is doing BBA while continuing his studies in Canada. She wants to continue playing cricket and see women’s cricket grow in the country.

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    He said that every person has the right to live in happiness and peace. But Afghanistan is not a suitable place for people to live at the moment. Especially for girls. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. The Taliban is breaking its promise. But Shamim finally cried and said, ‘I hope so. Afghanistan should have a women’s cricket team. If the Taliban don’t mean that, then it should play in another country. We want to play under the flag of Afghanistan.

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