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    Kevin Pietersen’s amazing prediction, 7 Test teams will end by 2026

    New Delhi. Test cricket is slowly dying out with the advent of T20. Many former elders have also said this. Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has also joined the list. He recently wrote about the plight of Test cricket in a blog and now he has tweeted about it. In it, he expressed great concern about the future of Test cricket.

    Peterson writes that it is very painful for me to tweet this. But I think Test cricket is slowly coming to an end. By 20226, that is, after the next 5 years, there will be only a few Test playing nations left. It will include England, India, Australia and possibly South Africa and Pakistan. Where 12 countries are currently playing Tests. That is, if Peterson is to be believed, 7 teams will finish Test play in the next 5 years. This includes legendary teams like West Indies, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

    Petersen may have expressed concern about Test cricket. But statistics point to the growing popularity of Test cricket.

    In the last 5 years, there have been more T20s than Tests
    If we look at Tests, ODIs and T20s in the last 5 years, the picture becomes clearer. A total of 1222 international T20 matches have been played since September 2011. 50 teams took part in it. At the same time, 21 countries played a total of 1080 ODIs. There has also been a World Cup at this time. At the same time, 12 countries have played a total of 426 Tests at this time. In other words, most T20 matches have been played in the last 5 years. Almost three times more than Tests and a little more than ODIs. In that case, Peterson’s fears seem to be justified.

    England have played the most Tests in 15 years
    In his tweet, Peterson mentioned the survival of the Test playing nation. If we look at his Test record of the year, the former England captain’s prediction seems to be valid. Because in the last 5 years, England has played a maximum of 64 Tests. It won 2, lost 2 and drew 2. Team India is at number two. India have played 56 Tests since 4 September 2016. Of these, 34 have been won, 14 have been lost and 7 have been drawn. Sri Lanka is in the third place in this list. He has won 15 of the Tests he has played so far, lost 21 and drawn 10.

    South Africa and Australia have played 43-43 Tests in the last 5 years. Pakistan have played 0 matches, West Indies 411 and New Zealand, the number one team in the current Test rankings, have played 37 matches.

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    The top five teams have played 56 per cent Tests in 5 years
    On the other hand, if we talk about Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland, these three countries have played a total of 25 Tests in 5 years. Zimbabwe has played the most 16 matches, Afghanistan 6 and Ireland 3 matches. During this period, the top-5 teams included in the Test rankings have played a total of 240 Tests. That is almost 9 times more than Zimbabwe, Ireland and Afghanistan. Speaking of the overall record, the top-5 ranked nations have played 56 per cent of the total 426 Tests.

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