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    IND vs ENG: England’s pitch is not dangerous, running in India is the hardest in the world

    New Delhi. Team India is on the edge of England nowadays. The third Test (IND vs. ENG) ended on the fourth day of the first session. It was later said that it was difficult to bat on the England pitch. There is help for fast bowlers here every day. But the records say something else. If we look at the record of Tests done in all the countries, it is the most difficult to run in India. In India, the average is just 2.69 runs per over, while in England it is 2.73 runs per over. The fourth Test of the series will be held at the Oval from today. The five-match series is currently tied at 1-1.

    In terms of Test history, 278 Test matches have been played in India so far. At this point, 1075 bowlers have averaged just 2.69 runs. 346 times 5 wickets and 62 times 10 wickets. Speaking of England, there have been 538 Test matches played so far. 1716 bowlers have averaged 2.73 runs. The bowlers took 5 wickets 718 times and 10 wickets 106 times. Although the strike rate of bowlers is better in England than in India.

    Bowling record in Test matches.

    Bangladesh is number 1 in terms of strike rate

    Speaking of the strike rate of bowlers, Bangladesh is number one in this regard. There the bowler gets one wicket for every 63rd ball in the Test. So far 66 Tests have been played in Bangladesh. The record in South Africa is 64 balls. In this case, India is in the lowest rank. Here the bowlers get one wicket for every 74 balls whereas England get one wicket for every 67th ball. In New Zealand, 70 and Australia, bowlers take one wicket per ball.

    Test results are much higher in Australia

    If we look at the Test record, England have played a maximum of 538 Tests. Of these, 354 came up with results. That means about 66 percent of the match results have come. At the same time, 238 tests have been done in India so far and 164 results have come out. That is about 59 percent. In other words, on the pitch of England, the result of the match came out more than India. However, in terms of results, Australia is at the top. There are 81 percent test results. Bangladesh is in the second place with 80 percent. 77 in South Africa, 71-71 per cent in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

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    India is ahead of England in terms of centuries

    If we look at the record of centuries in Tests, there have been 874 centuries in England so far. That means an average of 1.62 centuries in each Test. At the same time, 497 centuries have been scored in India so far. That means an average of 1.78 centuries per Test. In this sense, India is more than a century old. On average, in Australia, there are 1.88 centuries in each Test and in New Zealand there are 1.64 centuries. In the south this record is 1.55.

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