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    Strengthen relationships through interdependence, learn 7 simple ways


    Work on your hobbies outside of the relationship.
    Learn not to speak with love and respect.

    Interdependence Relationship: Interdependence in relationships can be said to create and maintain a balance of dependence on each other. Psychologist and counselor Lucille Shackleton It is said that when we are dependent on each other, our priority is to maintain the relationship and relationship and personal feelings are also attached to it. In this, in addition to being emotionally connected to our partner, we also work on our personal identity and emotions. Such relationships save us from any guilt and we also give each other space. Because of this there is no fatigue or burden in the relationship. Here we tell you how you can transform your relationship from codependent to strong and full of romance.

    How to build an interdependent relationship

    Follow your hobby
    Many people give up their hobbies, interests, etc. as soon as they get into a relationship. But let us tell you that you don’t need to give up all this for a deep relationship. If you want a codependent relationship, work on your hobbies, passions, and plans outside of the relationship. They work to strengthen your relationship.

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    Create personal boundaries
    Setting personal boundaries is beneficial in relationships. Apart from your partner, also work on tasks or plans that are important to you and that you have been working on for a long time.

    No need to talk
    Learn not to say anything. But remember that you will respectfully decline them.

    Tell your story
    Learn to speak your mind. For example, what do you want, what is your life plan or what do you need.

    Explore yourself
    Explore yourself. Decide that you know yourself as well as possible. For this, consider yourself separate from your partner and look at yourself.

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    Value others
    Apart from your partner, value the people in your life who are important to you. Also make time for your friends, family or best friends.

    self time
    Take time for yourself too. Do whatever you like at this time. Not only that, everyone needs self-care.

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