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    Raksha Bandhan 2022: These 5 things will strengthen brother-sister relationship


    If you are an older brother and sister, don’t bully your younger siblings.
    If something goes wrong with the younger sister or brother, avoid scolding him in front of everyone.

    How to strengthen relationships: Today is Rakhi, the festival of brothers and sisters. This festival shows the unbreakable bond between brothers and sisters, love and bond between each other. On this auspicious festival of Rakhi every year all sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their beloved brother and pray for his longevity and good health. The brother also promises to protect his sister at all costs. But where there is so much love in this relationship, there are some bumps and fights. Sometimes a sister gets angry with a brother about something, and sometimes a brother gets angry with a sister. Sometimes these fights escalate, due to which the relationship begins to grow apart. It is better not to break this loving relationship because of minor misunderstandings and try to strengthen the relationship in time.

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    This is how the brother-sister relationship is strengthened

    • It’s okay to care for each other, to worry, but it’s not okay to interrupt each other in conversation. If you keep nagging or teasing your younger sister, she might get angry. He will start to feel bored. You give him space. Don’t spy on what he does, who he talks to. Have faith in your sister or brother and give sound advice if needed.
    • If you are the big sister, don’t interrupt your little brother for everything. Where does he go, how are his friends, with whom he talks on the phone for a long time, he may get annoyed with you. Your brother may be right, but you doubt him unnecessarily. Better to know the facts first.

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    • To keep the relationship strong with each other, they should express love and affection. Siblings can also be good friends among themselves. They can share their secrets with each other. If you work, you can buy things for your brother that he likes. Similarly, the brother should occasionally feed his sister by preparing some special and her favorite food, so that the sister also gets a break from the kitchen. If you do such small things, sweetness and love will increase in the relationship.
    • If your younger sister or brother does something wrong, he/she does not get good marks in the exam, avoid scolding him/her in front of everyone. This will make him feel humiliated and avoid talking to you. It is better to explain the mistakes of your younger siblings with love. Tell the difference between right and wrong. Doing this will strengthen your relationship.

    • If you are the big brother, don’t bully your younger siblings. Don’t intimidate them into doing things. Avoid imposing your choice on them. This will make them feel that they are not listened to in the house and that only older siblings are respected. This can lead to bitterness in the relationship. Gradually he will stop sharing things with you. It is better to live with each other as friends and strengthen mutual relations.

    (Disclaimer: The facts and information given in this article are based on general assumptions. Hindi News 18 does not guarantee the same. Please consult the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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