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    Loneliness in the lockdown has not only had a negative effect on people, it has also created a positive feeling, find out the research

    Loneliness during an epidemic: For the past two years, Corona’s violence has made people’s lives miserable. Public life has come to a standstill. At first, when the lockdown was imposed, people all over the world were trapped in their homes. There were some people who were stuck alone in the lockdown. He had to stay there for a few months. Being alone increases the risk of depression, anxiety, stress and frustration among people. But now a new study claims that being alone during the epidemic has led to positive changes for many. ht According to reports, loneliness during the epidemic has had a positive effect on people of all ages. The study was published in Frontiers in Psychology.

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    There was an advantage to increasing efficiency due to loneliness
    A study of nearly 2,000 people found that adolescents and adults who lived alone in the early days of Covid-19 experienced positive benefits. Although there is no doubt that loneliness has a negative effect on all people, at the same time they have a positive effect. In the study, those who talked about the deterioration of mood and well-being during the lockdown, but most said that they felt better about their autonomy and their potential during the lockdown. Forty-three percent of those surveyed said that during the lockdown they used their abilities to gain skills from loneliness.

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    Adolescents felt more isolated
    People involved in the study said that during loneliness in the lockdown, they felt more connected to themselves and felt more autonomy than before. In addition, much more self-confidence has been created than before. However, working adults had to face more negative things during lockdown than adolescents. Whereas 35.6 percent of working adults have experienced negative experiences, only 23.7 percent of adolescents have experienced negative experiences. Adults in the lockdown were also in a worse mood than teenagers. However, adolescents experience more isolation than adults at the expense of bonding with friends. According to the survey, 14.8 percent of teens experienced separation due to separation from their friends, whereas only 7 percent of adults experienced it.

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