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    Is there violence with the partner in the relationship? Control your negative emotions like this


    Tell your partner how you feel.
    Take charge of the feelings of jealousy that grow inside you.

    Feeling jealous in relationships: When you go into a deep relationship, many expectations arise about your relationship. We start to feel that the world is only between you and your partner and no third person can come between us. In such a situation many times negative feelings start to arise in the relationship due to the quality of the partner, his association with people, their mutual friendship etc. It can also affect relationships. In fact, jealousy in a relationship is a feeling that is normal, but if it starts acting like poison in you, introspection is necessary. Psychologist and counselor Lucille Shackleton It is said that this can be due to any old experience, fear of loss, lack of confidence, fear of alienating a partner etc., which is normal. In such a situation, it is important to know how you can overcome this feeling and save your relationship.

    Do these remedies if there is violence in the relationship

    Tell the partner the reason for the trigger
    You can tell your partner what works as a trigger for them. You can inform them about your past incidents and explain the reasons.

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    Give reasons for anger
    Tell your partner how you feel so that feelings of jealousy don’t turn into anger. In fact, sometimes the reasons for jealousy are legitimate and in such situations it is necessary to talk to the partner.

    Take responsibility for your feelings
    Take responsibility for the feelings of jealousy that grow inside you and find the exact cause of the resentment. Try to keep yourself calm and control your emotions. Which doesn’t affect your partner.

    Set limits
    The two of you sit down together and set boundaries about things that cause you feelings of jealousy or things that annoy you.

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    cause irritation
    – Lack of self-esteem
    – Feeling insecure
    – Lack of trust
    -Experience of any such incidents in the past
    Fear of losing a partner
    A childhood incident.

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