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    Is ego ruining your relationship? Mark with 5 marks


    If there is a lack of communication in a relationship, it can lead to arrogance.
    If it is difficult to say sorry, it means that you have ego.

    How pride destroys relationships: The stronger the relationship of the heart, the more fragile it is. A little hurt and broke like a mirror. But if the partners trust each other and respect each other’s feelings, there will be no place for ego. Although a little bit of ego is normal in humans.

    In such situations, if we only care about ourselves instead of helping each other in life, it will create negative feelings. These negative feelings will create ego and will lead to destruction of your relationship. In this case, if you want to avoid ruining your relationship, it is necessary to identify the problem first. Let’s find out how to identify the ego present in a relationship.

    How to identify relationship egos

    Lack of conversation
    According to Kay, if there is a lack of communication in a relationship, it may be due to ego. When this happens, immediately understand that to keep problems away, you need to have a conversation and take time for it in any case.

    self care
    If you or your partner don’t take care of each other even while in a relationship, it could be an ego problem. So find a solution to it as soon as possible and also take care of the needs of others.

    Burning sensation
    If feelings of jealousy develop between partners in a relationship, it can become a major cause of ego in the relationship and lead to deterioration of the relationship. When this happens, take the time to talk and sit down and clear things up between yourselves.

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    to be proud
    If you or your partner are arrogant about yourself, these negative thoughts can also destroy your relationship. This is a sign of ego in the relationship. That’s why it’s better that you keep motivating your partner and solve the problem by talking more.

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    don’t say sorry
    If you find it difficult to say sorry to each other, it shows that you have pride. When this happens, introspect and talk to your partner about the reality. If you just keep giving clarifications, there will be more misunderstandings in the relationship.

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