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    Due to possessive nature, distance from partner may increase, keep these things in mind for good relationship


    For a good relationship with a partner, it is important to give them enough space.
    Spying on your partner can ruin the relationship.
    Don’t force your partner to do what you say.

    Additional Qualifications: Any relationship requires partners to lovingly take care of each other’s work and space, but many become overly possessive of their partner and the relationship. Then trouble started between them. Being overly possessive of a partner for his other partner can create problems for the relationship. The person becomes over-possessive and starts behaving differently towards his partner like questioning everything, doubting and asking thousands of questions. A person’s insecurities, past bad experiences, or any other reason may cause such behavior, but being overly possessive is not good for any relationship. Let’s know the symptoms and prevention measures of over possessiveness.

    Signs of over possessiveness:
    ,According to the style craze Separating a partner from other people is a sign of over-possessiveness. By doing this, they may feel that they are not able to give time to their family, friends or other people, because their partner is forcing them to spend all that time with themselves.
    You feel insecure and jealous when you see your partner with someone or you don’t want to see him with someone.
    Everything you like about your partner like their preferences, their way of life or their spending money.
    But if you want to take control, you’ll find yourself being overly positive about them.

    Preventive measures:
    It is important for partners to spend time together but it is also important to have their hobbies, their jobs and their social life in life. In such situations, avoid giving full time to just one person and remember that you and your priorities are the most important in any relationship.
    Avoid being insecure, insecurity breeds jealousy and resentment. Jealousy and jealousy not only kills a relationship but also creates hatred and bitterness in your daily life. So it should be avoided.

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