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    Do these 5 things before marriage, discuss with your partner, the relationship will be strong


    Discuss family planning before marriage.
    Discuss the work.
    Mutual customs need to be discussed.

    Things to discuss before marriage: Marriage is considered as the most sacred relationship of life and this decision is also the biggest decision of life. Rushing is not good for marriage, nor is it okay to say yes to a relationship in one fell swoop. This decision should be taken after thinking among ourselves. Be it arranged marriage or love, there are things you should discuss openly with your partner. If seen, problems are less in love marriages, but when it comes to arranged marriages, the situation changes a bit. Where it becomes necessary to discuss many issues with the partner before marriage. Let’s find out what those things are.

    Customs need to be discussed
    Every family has its own customs. Both should discuss each other’s home traditions and customs before marriage, as it is important for both of them to understand each other’s family beliefs.

    Discuss career and money
    If the marriage is right, financial matters should be discussed. Also discuss your career with your partner.

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    Discuss family planning
    It is very important to discuss family planning with your partner before marriage. How many children are needed, how they will be raised, how far apart the children will be, etc., should be discussed in advance.

    Discuss nature
    One must discuss each other’s temperament and temperament before marriage, so that there are no problems after marriage. If you know about your partner’s habits and needs, the relationship will be better.

    Discuss work and time
    After marriage, job and time problems increase the tension in the relationship. To avoid this, discuss with your partner in advance about their work, shifts and timings.
    There are many situations after marriage, where partners start blaming each other for anything. To avoid this, it is important to discuss these five things before marriage.

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