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    Brother Doze 2021 Greetings: Strengthen your relationship with Brother Doze, wish through these messages

    Greetings to Brother Duj 2021: Bhai Duj Utsav is celebrated on the last day of the five day festival of Diwali. On this day sisters apply tilak on brother’s forehead. During this time the sisters feed their brothers with homemade food. So the brothers also give blessings and gifts to the sister. There is also a custom of greeting each other on this day. For this reason, not only brothers and sisters, but also other people send greetings to each other on this day.

    If you want to send greetings to friends and relatives with your brothers and sisters on the occasion of Bhai Doj. So you can take the help of messages, quotes and WhatsApp messages given here.

    Brother Duj greetings message

    Sister apply tilak then feed sweets,

    The brother gives a gift and the sister smiles,

    This brother-sister relationship should never be broken,

    Happy Brother Duj from me.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021


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    The courtyard is decorated with dishes,

    Now you don’t wait

    Don’t be afraid now you are out of this world,

    Your sister is fighting.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021


    Sister caresses brother,

    All he needs is brother’s love,

    Don’t want anything big,

    Only brother gets infinite happiness.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021


    Your doll is stupid,

    Forgive his rudeness,

    The dust that fell in love,

    Now let’s clean it up.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021

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    Dear sister,

    Happy Brother Duj Festival.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021


    Celebrate the bond of love and faith,

    You will always get the blessing you want,

    Brother Duj’s festival, brother come quickly,

    Come take tilak from your dear aunt.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021


    The melody of happiness sounded in the yard,

    Always decorate my brother’s door with a lamp,

    Let there be no sorrow in his life,

    Always be kind to your God in his life.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021


    This is the will of the mind,

    May your life be full of happiness,

    Success kisses your feet,

    And may this bond of ours always be filled with love.

    Happy Brother Duj 2021

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