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    Blaming the other person all the time in the relationship can lead to emotional closure, solve it this way


    Try to understand each other’s point of view.
    Tell your partner about your situation.

    Relationship Tips: Some people have a habit of not admitting their mistakes and blame every loss on others. This habit can damage their relationship a lot. Psychologist and Counselor Lucille Shackleton It is said that always finding fault with others means feeling right. The accused person wants the other person to see that he is right in every way and how they have affected him. But the accused’s behavior does not reduce the problem, rather the partner in the relationship goes into defensive mode and this leads to emotional closure. Because of which it does not help to get the solution and the partner keeps saving himself. In such situations, it is important that we behave better and avoid blaming in the relationship rather than blaming or blaming.

    Do this without blaming

    To understand the experience
    Instead of arguing or blaming, if you show interest in what happened or try to understand their experience, you will also avoid hurting your partner’s feelings and will be able to find ways to correct mistakes.

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    each other’s point of view to understand
    It is better to try to understand each other’s point of view rather than finding fault with your partner, then it will be easier to understand your partner’s thinking.

    Ask open-ended questions
    If you ask them about it yourself first, without blaming, they will have a chance to answer. Ask questions sweetly.

    Explain the situation
    You explain your situation and tell them under what circumstances you are asking this question and how important this question is to you.

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    Try to look the other way
    Try to see things differently. By doing this, you will be able to understand the partner better and be able to resolve the mistakes.

    Tell your emotions
    Instead of blaming, you can describe how you feel and what emotions you are going through. This will increase your under standing and save you from the blame game.

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