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    What this means for you: 14 districts on the brink of drought in Rajasthan, what will be the impact

    Jaipur. 1 district of Rajasthan has received less rainfall. In addition to this low rainfall, due to the long interval between them, crops have been extensively destroyed in Rajasthan. In many places crops have been damaged 100 percent. The state government is assessing the damage in the drought-hit areas. According to the situation published so far, crops have been destroyed in an area of ​​about 14 lakh 76 thousand hectares in 9 districts. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has also expressed concern over the lack of rain in Rajasthan. A joint survey has been directed so that the affected farmers get relief soon.

    In addition, Chief Minister Gehlot also directed to complete the special girdiwari expeditiously. As the survey of the affected areas is still ongoing, this number is steadily increasing. In addition to these districts, some other districts in the state have suffered crop losses due to indifference to rains which has not yet come to record. But this irrationality of the rains has once again brought the farmers to the brink of destruction.

    Indifference to rains in Rajasthan: crop failure, farmers helpless, Ram Rutha now expects from Raj

    What happened in which district?
    Crops have been damaged in 1 lakh 62 thousand 129 hectares in Pali (up to 10-70 percent)
    50 thousand 551 hectares in Sirohi (10-80 percent)
    -1 lakh 84 thousand 191 hectares in Jalur (0-80 percent)
    -1 lakh 67 thousand 970 hectares in Jodhpur (lost up to 0-47 percent)
    -Barmare 3 lakh 23 thousand 609 hectares (failure 0-45%)
    -1 lakh 43 thousand 314 hectares in Bikaner (up to 15-85 percent lost)
    -2 lakh 34 thousand 950 hectares in Jaisalmer (up to 10-40 percent lost)
    -Chur has lost 2 lakh 9 thousand 587 hectares (up to 5-90 percent)
    -2 lakh 42 thousand 247 hectares in Ganganagar (up to 10-50 percent lost)

    Direct drinking water will also be affected
    Farmers and pushkeepers will suffer the most from this crop failure, but you too are bound to be affected by it. The indifference of the rains will have a direct impact on drinking water in western Rajasthan. Due to the lack of rain, the dams supplying drinking water remained empty. Jawai dam, which supplies drinking water to many districts of Jodhpur division, is on the verge of emptying. If it still doesn’t rain, from next month, there may be an opportunity to run a water train.

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