Sunday, October 1, 2023

    “We have rights because we are Muslims,” ​​a Taliban spokesman said of Kashmir

    Kabul. The Taliban have been talking about good relations with India since taking power in Afghanistan. But the Taliban is not shying away from making statements on Kashmir. On Thursday, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that as a Muslim, Muslims have the right to speak out in Kashmir or any other country in India.

    Speaking to the BBC, he said his party did not want an armed struggle against any country. He said that we will raise our voice and say that Muslims are your people, citizens of our country. They are equal according to your law. Earlier, Jabiullah Mujahid, one of the Taliban’s top spokesmen, also backed his group on Kashmir. He said India’s attitude towards Kashmir should be positive.

    Earlier, Taliban leader Anas Haqqani clarified the Taliban’s position on Kashmir and India in an interview with News18 India. Haqqani said that Kashmir is not part of our jurisdiction and it is against the policy to interfere in this matter. How can we go against our policy? ‘It’s clear we won’t interfere.’ “I want to assure you that everyone is safe in Afghanistan,” Haqqani said of the Indians trapped in Afghanistan.

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