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    The temple of freedom fighters hanging in the Delhi Assembly will be opened to tourists by next year.

    New Delhi. The issue of tunneling has once again become a topic of discussion in the Delhi Assembly. In this regard, Assembly Speaker Ram Nibas Goyal admitted that there is a tunnel in the Delhi Assembly which is connected to the Red Fort. This tunnel was used during the British rule to transport freedom fighters from safe places to other places. Along with this, a hanging room was also found at the rally, which is being prepared for the conversion of the freedom fighters into temples, which are likely to be ready by Independence Day next year.

    The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Goel, has to say that ‘when I became MLA in 1993, there was a rumor about a tunnel leading to the Red Fort and I tried to find out its history. But there was no clarity on this.

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    “Now we’ve found the end of the tunnel,” he said. But we’re not digging it further. Due to the metro project and the construction of the sewer, all the paths in the tunnel have been destroyed.

    The Speaker mentioned that after the transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi in 1912, the Delhi Legislative Assembly was used as the Central Council. Which was converted into a court in 1922 and the tunnel was used by the British to transport the freedom fighters. At that time this tunnel was used to bring the freedom fighters to court.

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    At the time, when the British converted it into a courthouse in 1926, the tunnel was used to bring captured freedom fighters to the Red Fort. There is a distance of 5-6 km between the Delhi Assembly and the Red Fort. The Red Fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century.

    He said we all knew about the existence of hanging rooms here. But it was never opened. Now in the 75th year of independence, I decided to visit that room. We want to turn that room into a freedom fighters’ temple.

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    Speaker Goyal further said that in view of the history of the Delhi Assembly related to the independence of the country, his desire is to open hanging rooms for tourists by the next Independence Day and work has already started for this. He said the tunnel was discovered in 2016 but the historical significance of the tunnel has not yet been established.

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