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    The Supreme Court will evaluate the performance of the CBI, seeking information on the success rate

    New Delhi. The CBI, India’s oldest investigative agency, has always been a target of political parties. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. Now the Supreme Court has decided to evaluate the performance of the CBI. In other words, the country’s highest court will evaluate the success rate of the CBI. In addition, the data will also be evaluated to see if the CBI has reached a ‘logical conclusion’.

    According to the English newspaper Times of India, the Supreme Court has asked the CBI director to hand over complete details of the performance. Under it, he must also state how many cases the investigating agency was able to convict in court and the high court. A bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice MM Sudrenesh also said that it was not enough for the CBI to register and investigate the case, but to ensure punishment of the culprits. It has been observed many times that there has been a delay in filing cases by the CBI. The Supreme Court is trying to find out how competent the investigating agency is.

    CBI’s argument
    During the hearing, CBI lawyer Sanjay Jain defended the investigating agency. He said that in a country like India, the work of the CBI could not be judged only under the legal system of advertising. But the Supreme Court objected to his argument, saying that the success rate of investigative agencies is measured in the same way in all countries of the world and the CBI is no different.

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    Must reply within four weeks
    A bench of the apex court said, “We want information on all the cases currently being investigated by the CBI. We should also say when the CBI has been working on a case. What is their success rate in High Court and Trial Court? All this information has to be given to the CBI within four weeks.

    CBI’s excuse
    The Supreme Court further expressed dissatisfaction that any investigative body around the world is evaluated on this basis. The bench also sought a reply from the CBI on what the agency has done so far to improve its work. Let us tell you that the CBI wanted a delay in filing the case in the Supreme Court that they have many cases, but the Supreme Court has rejected this argument.

    The Supreme Court is strict against the CBI
    Let us tell you that the Supreme Court has been making harsh remarks against the CBI from time to time. In 2013, during the hearing of the coal scandal, it was said that the CBI was a caged ‘parrot’, who only listened to its owner and said that there was. In August this year, the Supreme Court also expressed dissatisfaction with the CBI over the judges’ threats.

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