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    The party that won 120-130 seats in the general election will lead the opposition: Khurshid

    Calcutta. Salman Khurshid, a senior Congress leader, dismissed the party as facing a leadership crisis, saying his party was still in a position to win 120-130 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. The former Union Minister warned regional parties that the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, won the 2019 elections when the opposition split and now the BJP has “fallen behind” them in their respective states.

    Khurshid told PTI-Bhasha in an interview, “If there is no leader, why should he be presented (as a leader). If there is a leader, he will automatically present himself. Of all the opposition parties, the Congress still has 120-130 seats. Khurshid, who is considered a staunch supporter of the Gandhi family, said, “The party that wins 100-120 seats will lead. The two-seat party will not lead. The answer to lead the opposition coalition is 120 seats.

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    The Grace leader did not respond directly to questions from some people in favor of portraying West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as the face of the opposition against Prime Minister Modi. “I have no opinion on this,” he said. When everyone meets in Delhi, they should talk. Why should I sit in Calcutta and comment on this? Can anyone bring 120 seats? It looks like Congress could bring in 120 seats. If anyone else can bring in 120 seats, welcome him. Who is stopping them? “

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    According to Khurshid, in the past, when opposition leaders met, no one talked about who would lead. He stressed that the regional parties would decide whether they wanted to see the BJP in power in the next decade. “It is the future of the regional parties because the BJP is behind them now. They have to decide for themselves. We have to learn from the defeat of 2019,” Khurshid said.

    Asked about the leadership crisis in the Congress, the former Union Minister said, “There is no leadership crisis or the party is ignorant of what it will and will not do. We are a democratic party. There may be differences of opinion. Those who wrote the letter (G2) never said they were in leadership.” He said young leaders like Jitin Prasad and Sushmita Dev had left the party because they were not ready to wait for the Congress to come to power. Khurshid said that any decision on the inclusion of Prashant Kishore in the Congress would be taken by the Congress Working Committee.

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