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    The hospital elevator had been lying dormant for a year, when it was opened for cleaning, the skeleton was found, now …

    Reva. Something happened at the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in the city on Saturday that has now become a topic of discussion across the country. According to sources, the collector was offered a visit to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital on Saturday. Prior to his visit, rehearsals to improve the condition of the hospital began. This time, the number of hospital lifts that had been broken for a year. As soon as this elevator was opened, everyone’s consciousness was blown away. There was a skeleton in the elevator. However, no information has now been found about this skeleton. The district administration, hospital management and police were shocked to hear the news of the skeleton and immediately started investigating the incident.
    Notably, Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Rewa is the largest hospital in the Vindhya region. It has 12 lifts. But the amazing thing is that only two of these lifts are working. Everything else is bad. Another amazing thing is that no one knows when the lifts go bad. Now when an elevator was opened for repairs and cleaning, skeletons were found in it. It was later reported that the lift had been bad for a year.

    Skeletons are difficult to identify
    Sanitation workers say the body has completely dried up and turned into a skeleton. That is why it is far from possible to say who it is, whether it is a man or a woman. As soon as the skeleton was found, the hospital management informed the police. After which the police are now looking into the matter from every angle. At the same time, the police have started identifying the dead person.

    One question after another, but.
    After getting skeletons in the hospital elevator, one after another questions are being raised about the management of the hospital, but no one has the answers to these questions. The questions that are now putting the hospital management to sleep-

    1. When the hospital elevator was bad for so long, why was it not repaired?
    2. When the elevator was damaged, it was not checked why anyone was stuck in it.
    3. A patient or his family has died after being trapped in an elevator or someone has killed a corpse and left it here.
    4. Whose body, his family did not try to find him?
    5. Another big question is that even in the Corona era, the cleaning of the hospital was not done properly for a year, which is now known about this skeleton.

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