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    Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen says my statement was distorted, will not interfere in Kashmir issue

    New Delhi. It is unclear at this time whether India will recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan. But in the meantime, the Taliban has clarified its position on the Kashmir issue. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said his words had been distorted. Suhail said he had never said that the Taliban would intervene in the Kashmir issue. He made it clear that Kashmir was an issue between India and Pakistan and should be resolved by both countries. However, Suhail added that the Taliban must raise their voices against the persecution of Muslims.

    Let me tell you that two days ago, the statement of Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen was specifically mentioned so that he said that he would raise his voice for the Kashmiri Muslims. His remarks came after an interview with BBC Urdu Suhel. But Suhail has now clarified his statement.

    Kashmir is an India issue
    Speaking to India Today, Suhail said, “Kashmir is an internal matter of India and Pakistan and we will not go between it. Both countries need to solve this problem. We will not allow our land to be used against any country and we will fight terrorism. We want them both to resolve it peacefully among themselves.

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    Sohail’s cleanliness
    A Taliban spokesman denied the allegations. “My words have been misrepresented,” he said. I was surprised. India keeps its word, just as Hindus or Sikhs are persecuted in any country. Similarly, we will take our stand if injustice is done against Muslims. Will raise voice against it.

    The Haqqani network has also left Kashmir
    Earlier, Anas Haqqani had said he would not interfere in the Kashmir issue. At the same time, he said, the Taliban wanted good relations with other countries, including India. “Kashmir is not under our jurisdiction and it is against our policy to interfere,” he said. How can we go against our policy? It is clear that we will not interfere. We want good relations with India.

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