Monday, December 11, 2023

    Symptoms of Covid-1 Sy: These are new symptoms of corona which include shortness of breath and fever, see full list here

    New Delhi. Coronavirus infection is wreaking havoc in the country and the world. Now the fear of it has increased. Because new forms (corona form) as well as new symptoms (covid symptoms) are coming out. Along with this, the incidence of viral infections has also started to come to the fore in the midst of Corona epidemic (Kovid-1). Symptoms such as fever, sore throat and runny nose mean cold, flu or seasonal allergies. Now recent events show that these are also symptoms of the corona virus in people who have also received the covid vaccine.

    At the same time, after 9 new cases of Covid-1 of were detected in India in one day, the total number of cases of Corona virus in the country has increased to 3,30,2,621. The death toll rose to 40,7552 after 219 more died from the infection. This is the lowest death rate due to infection in the last 167 days, and 48 days later, the death rate of Covid-1 of has also dropped to 1.33 percent. According to the data, 199 people died due to Kovid-1 of in a single day on March 23 in the country.

    Learn about old and new symptoms of corona virus here-

    Common symptoms:
    Dry cough

    Other symptoms:
    Sore throat
    Eye pain
    Loss of taste

    Severe symptoms:
    Weakness of breath
    Complaints of chest pain
    Difficulty speaking

    New symptoms:
    Hearing loss
    Skin rash
    Change the color of the finger

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