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    Supertech Tower: 40-40 storey Apex and Cyan Tower were built with this discount from Noida authorities!

    Noida. The two 40-storey towers built at Supertech’s Emerald Project in Noida were not built overnight. The Noida authorities were fully aware of this. Not only that, the rules were also changed several times after the land was allotted to the supertech manufacturer for the first time. In the middle, the other smaller pieces were also known as Supertech. The specific distance between the two towers was also ignored. That is why four officers who were the CEOs of the Noida authorities have come under the radar of the UP SIT and CAG team.

    4 CEOs have thus allotted land to Supertech

    Supertech’s Emerald Court project has been in the news since the beginning. This was discussed during the allotment of land. For the first time in Sector 200, Supertech was allotted 1000 square meters of land in Sector-93A. Devdutt was then the chief executive officer of the Noida authorities. The first lease was made in 2005. The building plan was approved in June 2005.

    The supplementary lease was deeded on 21st June 006. Under which 6500 square meters of land was added to this plot. Thus, a plot of 48 thousand square meters has been upgraded to 55 square meters. Authorities’ documents show that the builder took over the entire land on June 2, 2002.

    Supertech Noida: CAG-SIT targets large group housing projects

    Such changes were made to Supertech’s map

    Supertech’s map was changed not once, but three times. The first change of map was approved by the Noida authorities in December 200. He was the chief executive officer of the Sanjeev Asylum Authority. The map was changed for the second time in November 200. Mohinder Singh was the CEO at that time. When the latest changes to the map were approved in March 2012, SK Dwivedi was the CEO. Experts say there were a lot of complaints in this case at the beginning, but the authorities did not take any action by them.

    In 5 years 44 lakh square meters of land was given to builders

    The period from 2007 to 2012 was a time when there were both looting and evictions regarding group housing projects related to the Noida authorities. The rules were made so simple that the manufacturers took full advantage of it. Sources said that due to the change in policy, the authorities had allotted 97 plots in 5 years. In just 5 years, 44.72 lakh square meters of land was allocated for builders. The land was served in front of the authority builders. This was the time when allocation was the highest complaint.

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