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    RJD state president Jagdananda’s nonsense, the Taliban told the RSS

    Patna. RJD state president Jagdananda Singh is in the headlines these days. Whether it is a quarrel with Tej Pratap or a controversial statement. Now another statement of Jagadananda Singh has caused a stir. Jagdananda now calls the RSS the Taliban. After that, a commotion started in the political circles. Addressing the workers at a recent disaster cell meeting at the RJD office, Jagdananda Singh said the Taliban was not a name but a culture that exists in Afghanistan. In India, the RSS is the Taliban and nothing else. RSS beards people, bangle sellers, knife sellers. He said he had to stand up against it. Earlier, Jagdananda Singh and Tej Pratap had a heated argument.

    Lalu’s jail was also given a communal color
    RJD state president Jagdananda Singh told workers that Lalu had been sent to jail because he spoke of religious unity, arrested Advani, stopped religious extremists. That is why Lalu Yadav was sent to jail. Now Jagadananda’s rhetoric has caused a stir and his opponents have ridiculed him.

    Opponents attack Jagadananda
    After Jagdananda Singh called the RSS Taliban and created controversy, the BJP and the JDU have made a mockery. BJP spokesperson Arvind Singh said the words of the culture with which Jagdananda is with the party are coming out in the same way. RJD is the Mudikatwa party in Bihar, so Jagdananda Singh’s statement is similar to Mudikatwa’s. This was not to be expected from a leader like Jagdananda Singh. But as you live with people, the same qualities will come. JDU spokesperson Abhishek Jha called Jagdananda Singh derailed. Jha said Jagadbabu has been being tortured in the team for a long time. Sometimes Tejaswi and sometimes Tejpratap are being tortured. This is the result of his eloquence.

    RJD came to the rescue of Jagdananda Singh
    RJD has come to the rescue after the opposition’s uproar and attack after Jagdananda Singh’s controversial remarks. RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari said Jagdananda Singh’s statement was not wrong from anywhere. This means that the RSS also always works to divide the country.

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