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    Rahul Gandhi claims that Rajiv Gandhi forbade Sanjay Gandhi to fly aggressive aircraft like Pitts

    New Delhi: An exhibition of photographs depicting Rajiv Gandhi’s life has been set up at the Indian Youth Congress office. Rahul Gandhi also arrived to see this exhibition. Some pictures of Rajiv Gandhi as a pilot have also been placed in it. In many pictures, Rahul Gandhi is sitting on a plane with his father Rajiv Gandhi. Rahul shot a video in the same exhibition where he is sharing his flying experience with his father. He was shown a picture of the plane and told that his father would put him in the cockpit and give him information about the equipment.

    Notably, Rahul Gandhi has experience flying as a pilot. His father Rajiv Gandhi was a commercial pilot. Rahul Gandhi’s uncle Sanjay Gandhi was also fond of flying airplanes. Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a plane crash on June 23, 1980.

    Referring to Sanjay Gandhi’s flight, Rahul Gandhi remembers that his father forbade his uncle Sanjay Gandhi to fly aggressive planes like Pitts but he did not agree, he flew and when you are not experienced it means that Rahul Gandhi mentioned here is the same Accident. Rahul says that as much as he has experience in flying, his uncle also had it.

    At one point, Rahul says that Sonia Gandhi was worried many times when Rajiv Gandhi was flying. Showing a warplane in a photo exhibition, Rahul Gandhi said that both his father and he loved to fly warplanes but it was not possible.

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