Tuesday, November 28, 2023

    Rahul Gandhi carries a gun on the shoulders of others for his own interests: BJP

    New Delhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday lashed out at the government over former Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the farmers’ movement, saying he owns the land. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, at a press conference at the party headquarters, accused the Congress leader of sharing a picture of a farmers’ ‘mahapanchayat’ rally in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. It is an old picture.

    He said, “Rahul Gandhi knows very well that the Congress is without a president, so the Congress is unable to raise any issue on the ground. That is why sometimes Sonia Gandhi holds virtual meetings with other party leaders and sometimes Rahul Gandhi tries to politicize through false images. He leaves.” Gone. “He said,” The cuckoo never works hard. He never makes his own home. The ‘political cuckoo of Indian politics’ is an attempt to find happiness in someone else’s home.

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    He claimed, “Rahul Gandhi has become accustomed to not leading his organization (Congress), keeping him presidentless, not working hard and trying to run with a gun on someone else’s shoulder.” “Whenever there is politics, lies, illusions, Rahul Gandhi’s hand is always there. Today, Rahul Gandhi tweeted an old picture of the peasant movement and described it as the present picture. “India’s destiny maker is unwavering and fearless,” he tweeted, sharing a picture of people gathered at the farmers’ mahapanchayat. “The central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to the welfare of farmers and will continue to do so,” Patel said, referring to various steps taken by the central government in the interest of farmers. The records produced by the farmers have been purchased by the government and the record money has been given to them.

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    Citing data from Morning Consult, an organization that regularly monitors the popularity of global leaders, Patra said it was only possible because of the achievements of the Modi government. According to these statistics, Modi is at the top of this list (Global Approval Rating) with 70 percent of people being the first choice. The list also includes US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Patra also aimed at the former Congress president for not praising the vaccination campaign, saying that the world’s fastest and largest vaccination campaign is underway in India and the whole world is appreciating it.

    He said, “But Rahul Gandhi does not tweet about vaccination. About 68.75 crore people in the country have received a single dose of vaccine. Even after vaccinating such a large population, not a single tweet from Rahul Gandhi came. In the last two days, more than one crore vaccines were given, but still.” Those who spread confusion through false images are silent on it, trying to spread racism and hatred and now have filed FIRs against them but Rahul Gandhi does not see all this and he remains ignorant about all this.

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