Wednesday, November 29, 2023

    Pfizer, the modern vaccine would not have been approved if the third phase trials had been conducted in the second wave: Krishna Ella

    New Delhi. Krishna Ella, chairman and managing director of Bharat Biotech, said on Wednesday that US giants Pfizer and Modern would use the third phase of their vaccine during the second wave of coronavirus. Hyderabad-based Covid-1 vaccine vaccine maker Bharat Biotech says the vaccine’s accuracy is 855 percent higher than the original version of the virus – which was first found in China.

    “I’m telling you honestly, if Pfizer and Modern had conducted third-stage clinical trials during the second wave, they wouldn’t have been licensed for their products,” Ella said at an event organized by the Technology Development Board (TDB), an agency under the Department of Science and Technology.

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    Pfizer is only 355 percent effective in Israel
    He said, “When they (Pfizer and Moderena) got the license, the virus was in its infancy (maximum spread). So they were able to achieve percent0 percent accuracy, but now the same vaccine is showing percent5 percent effectiveness in Israel.

    “The vaccine and the vaccine were the only vaccines that delayed the regulatory process and we were caught in the second wave,” Ella said. (We) were lucky that our effectiveness in the second wave was about percent percent. But if the virus were Uhan-sized and not deltaic, the effectiveness would be 85 percent.

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