Tuesday, November 28, 2023

    More than 64.65 crore doses of covid vaccine have been given in the states and union territories

    New Delhi. The Union Health Ministry said on Thursday that the Center has so far provided 64.65 crore doses of Covid vaccine to the states and Union Territories free of cost and directly under the State Procurement Department. The ministry said there are still 4,78,94,030 doses of vaccine in the states and union territories that have not yet been given to humans. The ministry said in a statement that the central government was committed to expediting and expanding the scope of the Covid-1 vaccine across the country.

    Under the nationwide vaccination campaign, the central government is providing free covid vaccine in the states and union territories. According to the statement, the vaccination campaign has been expedited by providing more vaccines and estimating the availability of vaccines for the states and union territories. In making the covid vaccine campaign universal, the central government procures 75 per cent of the vaccines produced by vaccine manufacturers in the country and distributes them free of cost to the states and union territories.

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    According to health experts, the third wave of corona may start from Kerala. However, the central and state governments have not officially commented on the third wave. But 72 per cent of the country’s cases are currently coming from Kerala. Epidemiologist Dr. “We have a very sensitive population and the government has to come up with a special strategy,” Raman Kutty told the Times of India.

    Maharashtra is not far behind
    State Health Minister Rajesh Toppe said Maharashtra would be hit by a third wave of corona virus in late October or the first week of November. In fact, most festivals will end at this time. And at least 60 million people could be infected with Kovid-1. Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Amit Deshmukh has appealed to the people to celebrate the upcoming festivals on a small scale. Not only in Kerala and Maharashtra, but also in Mizoram and Andhra Pradesh, Kovid is on the rise. In Mizoram, there has been a 44% increase in weekly cases compared to the last seven days. In the south, Andhra grew 13.2%.

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