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    Monthly support scheme for children who have lost their parents from Corona up to Rs 4,000

    New Delhi. The central government is planning to increase the monthly financial assistance for children who have lost their parents due to Covid-1 due to Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. The official said a proposal in this regard could go to the cabinet for approval in the next few weeks. The official said the Ministry of Women and Child Development had proposed to increase the monthly allowance for children who lost their parents due to the Corona epidemic from Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000.

    The government announced in May that children whose parents or legal guardians / adoptive parents have been lost due to Kovid-1 to will be assisted under the ‘PM-Cares for Children’ scheme. Of the 3,250 applications received under the scheme, a total of 667 have been approved by the concerned district magistrates, according to ministry data. The data further revealed that so far applications have been received from 467 districts.

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in May that children whose parents had lost their lives to the corona virus would be assisted under the PM Cares for Children Fund. Under this, they will be given a monthly stipend after the age of 18, as well as Rs 10 lakh after the age of 23. The Prime Minister’s Office said that children who lost their lives due to covid would be given free education. Children will be assisted to take education loan for higher education and the interest on the loan will be paid through PM Care.

    In addition, children up to the age of 18 will be provided health insurance under the Ayushman Bharat scheme and its premiums will also be paid through PM Care. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that children represent the future of India; We will do everything to support and protect them. Children under the age of 10 will be admitted to a central school or a private school. If the child is admitted to a private school, under the RTE rules, his / her fees will also be paid from PM Cares. Uniforms, copy-book costs will also be paid from PM Cares.

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