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    Kejriwal government seeks winter action plan from departments against anti-pollution measures

    New Delhi. The Delhi government has taken action on pollution. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has directed all departments to work out a winter action plan against pollution. On Tuesday, Gopal Roy held a review meeting with all the departments concerned. At the meeting, the environment minister directed all the departments to prepare their respective action plans and submit them to the environment department by September 21. Speaking to media after the meeting, Gopal Rai said, “All the departments have been given different responsibilities in 10 focus points, on the basis of which we will formulate the winter work plan of the Delhi government. In addition, by training engineers working on the ground, these and contractors, they will be sensitive to follow the guidelines issued by the government. He will soon meet Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav on the issue. Stable will submit a third party audit report on the use of Bio-D-Composer to the Union Environment Minister and ask him to implement it in other states.

    This responsibility was given to formulate the action plan
    Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai held a joint meeting with all concerned departments on the winter work plan. At this meeting all the departments were given the responsibility of formulating winter work plan. The meeting was attended by three MCD, NDMC, Cantonment Board, DDA, CPWD, PWD as well as all high ranking officials of Traffic Police, Transport Department, Environment Department, Development Department.

    The Delhi government has tightened its grip on pollution. (Photo – Shutterstock)

    An action plan has to be prepared and submitted to the officers by 21st September.
    After the meeting, Gopal Rai said, “The purpose of the meeting is to formulate a joint action plan in the fight against pollution inside Delhi. We have given specific work for different departments. On which all the departments have to prepare their work plan and submit it to the Department of Environment by 21st September. Accordingly, we will formulate the government’s winter work plan.

    This is how the Delhi government will deal with the straw problem
    The environment minister said the development department has been given the responsibility of formulating an action plan to tackle the straw problem inside Delhi. The Department of Agriculture comes under the Department of Development. The department has been asked what will be the timeline and action plan this year for dealing with hay generated inside Delhi? At the same time, three MCDs, Cantonment Board, NDMC, DDA, PWD, CPWD, Irrigation and Flood Control Departments have been given the responsibility to prevent dust pollution.

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    Air pollution increases in Delhi in winter. (File image)

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    The Delhi government has set a target for all construction companies to work out their work plans specifically on four points. First, an action plan for collecting dust accumulated chemicals. Second, the action plan for sweeping mechanical doors. Third, the work plan for disposing of these dust-pulling machines. Fourth, we have given special assignments to all departments at this time so that they work on the ground of their junior engineers, AEs and contractors and change their mindset.

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