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    If there is no new form of corona, the risk of a third wave is very low: experts

    New Delhi. The second wave of corona in the country caused a stir a few months ago. The second wave has not yet left the country and is most prevalent in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The cause of the second wave in the country was the delta form. After the horror of the second wave, there was fear and apprehension among the people about the third wave. Now infectious disease specialist Dr. Gagandeep Kong says that if no new form comes, the risk of a third wave is less. Even if the incidence of corona increases, it will not be as terrible as the second wave.

    On the issue of vaccinating children, on the other hand, Gagandeep Kong said that India should rely on its data for this. He said there have been very few studies where it has been said how many children were infected with corona and how many of them became serious.

    Let us tell you that America, Israel and other European countries have started the process of vaccinating children here. But Britain’s advisory panel has refused to do so. For India, Gagandeep Kong says we should trust our data. We need to have the right information to make decisions about our children.

    Trial of four children’s vaccines has been approved in India
    The Zydo Cadillac vaccine ZyCoV-D has been approved for emergency use in India. This vaccine can only be used for children 12 to 18 years of age.

    2-Serum Institute of India is conducting trial of second / third phase Covavax. This vaccine can be given to children aged 2 to 17 years.

    – The second / third phase trial of Kovasin of India Biotech has been approved. The vaccine prepared for children can be used for children aged 2 to 18 years.

    4- Biologicals E Ltd has approved the second and third phase clinical trials of Covid-1 vaccine Carbivax for children aged 5 to 18 years with specific conditions.

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