Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    From the security of the Prime Minister to the deployment at the country’s borders, the country’s anti-drone system is ready, learn the specialty

    New Delhi: Now the army has got another weapon to strengthen the security of the country. On Friday, the DRDO’s anti-drone system was included in three services. For this the Army (ARMY), Air Force and Navy (Navy) have signed agreements. After which this anti-drone system joined the army. It is India’s first domestic anti-drone system.

    The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force have signed an agreement with Bell for the DRDO’s entry drone system. This anti-drone system manufactured by Bharat-Electronics Limited is manufactured by DRDO. According to sources, the anti-drone measures will also be put in place for the security of Prime Minister Modi. The same drone system was also set up to protect Prime Minister Modi on the occasion of Independence Day.

    The need for such anti-drone measures was felt after the terrorist attack on the Jammu and Kashmir airport. At that time, terrorists used small drones to drop explosives. An agreement for the drone system was signed in the presence of senior Army officials and representatives of the DRDO. This is a D4 system known as drone detector, detector and destroyer.

    The DRDO says that this D4 system can quickly detect a micro drone and instantly jam it and destroy it with a laser beam. This anti-drone measure would be a good counter to the rapidly growing drone threat.

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