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    Flat buyers say builders sit at home making rules, authorities don’t hear complaints, but court hears today

    Noida. Outraged flat buyers are very happy with the Supreme Court decision regarding Supertech builders. In an interview with News18Hindi, he said, “It was a time 8 years ago when builders used to sit at home and make rules regarding building construction. That is why an illegal tower was set up in front of our house. When we took a complaint to the Noida authorities, our complaints were thrown in the trash. There was no one to listen to us, but today the Supreme Court listened to us and gave us relief.

    ‘Said the Jamuna Expressway would be visible from the verandah’

    “When we went to buy a flat in Emerald, we were told that there would be a green belt around you,” said Pankaj Narang, a resident of Supertech’s Emerald Society and sad for flat buyers. You can see the Jamuna Expressway from the veranda of your flat. Everything in society can be seen openly. But by making these two illegal toppers, the creator has broken his own promise. Two 40-40 storey towers of one thousand flats were built.

    The builder also sold the children’s park

    KK Mittal, another resident of the Emerald Society, says, “We are greatly relieved by the decision of the Supreme Court. With this, we are very happy that those flat buyers will also get their money back to whom the builder sold the flat in two illegal towers. The builder also sold our children’s park behind these two illegal towers. The builder gave us the flat and said there would be a park for the kids to play. But illegal towers have been erected on park land.

    The plot to sell milk and vegetables got Rs 11 crore, see the list here

    Now this fight will continue

    The builders will return the money to the buyers of flats sold in illegal towers, it does not seem so easy. In this case, the manufacturers transfer the flat buyers to their other projects. But Nefoma has always stood by flat buyers and will fight their battles more.

    Anu Khan, President Nefoma

    Convicted officers get life imprisonment, property should be confiscated

    The manufacturer is a private company, what he did is not forgivable, but the biggest culprit is the authorities. Those who saw the rules being violated and when the complaint came, no one listened to them and took no action. Strict action should be taken against such officers, their property should be confiscated and they should be given life imprisonment.

    Manish, Senior Vice President, Nefoa

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