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    Exclusive: Dilip Ghosh claims, fight in Bhabanipur will be equal, BJP will come out with full force against Mamata Banerjee

    New Delhi. The Bhabanipur seat of West Bengal is about to become a battlefield again. The Election Commission has announced by-elections here. State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will contest from this seat. Here, the BJP is ready for this by-election. State BJP chief Dilip Ghosh in an exclusive interview with News18 said that his party would field a strong candidate against Mamata and the fight would be equal. He also targeted the Election Commission for holding by-elections for one person in the Election Commission. Read the parts of Dilip Ghosh’s interview below …

  • Question 1- The Election Commission has announced by-election in Bhabanipur from where Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will contest. Are you happy with this decision?

    Dilip Ghosh: We do not understand the basis of this decision of the Election Commission. Elections were not held in two assembly constituencies after the death of two candidates in West Bengal. There are 5 assembly seats where elections are to be held due to resignation or death of MLAs. But the Election Commission has announced to hold by-elections in Bhabanipur constituency with two seats as the Chief Minister will contest from Bhabanipur constituency. Therefore, only by-elections have been declared out of 7. What is the rationale behind this decision, I do not understand. If there is a condition for by-election in Bengal, then by-election should be held in 7 seats. As he is not a MLA, two government ministers will also have to resign. What is their fault? Or what is the fault of the people in the assembly constituencies where by-elections are not being held? The people there will not be able to elect their representatives. If the environment is not right, then by-elections should not be held anywhere. Elections can be for one person, not for the Election Commission to make someone the Chief Minister. We are about this legal adjective

  • Question 2- Will you announce a big name against the Chief Minister in Bhabanipur?

  • Dilip Ghosh: Look, now the by-election is going on and we will fight with all our might. We will make all the preparations. We will raise a big and famous name against the Chief Minister because he himself is a big name. But there is also a fact that the Chief Minister has lost the election in Nandigram. The fight will be equal. The team will decide on this soon.

  • Question-3- TMC was complaining that the by-election in Bhabanipur would not be held on time and Mamata could not be the Chief Minister.

  • Dilip Ghosh: He was trying to create pressure by entering the by-election. The Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister wrote a letter to the Election Commission that there would be a constitutional crisis. How will the constitutional crisis? One of our Chief Ministers (Uttarakhand) resigned. Your party (TMC) is in power and in the majority. Mamata Banerjee lost the election and is still the Chief Minister. Why did he become the Chief Minister? In fact, the real crisis in TMC, who is after Mamata? At TMC, the problem is simply the power and the chair.

  • Question 4- 4 of your MLAs have joined Trinamool, is there any problem in BJP in West Bengal?

  • Dilip Ghosh: Those who left TMC did not stay with BJP for long. Some people are also afraid of TMC. There are 4-5 people here who could not walk with the party. If someone wants to leave, how long can we stop him? If a leader like Mukul Roy can go, who will you trust? Just before the election a man came to us and we gave him a ticket and he won but he was always close to Mukul Roy and did not attend our party function. A

  • Question 5- TMC leaders are demanding that 10-12 BJP MLAs are ready to leave the party?

    Dilip Ghosh: No, I don’t think there are 10-12 people like TMC is claiming. Yes, it is certain that 4 MLAs including Mukul Roy have joined TMC.

  • Q-6- Some people in your party are saying that after the High Court decision on post-vote violence in the state, the Chief Minister should resign on moral grounds.

    Dilip Ghosh: There is no morality left between TMC and the Chief Minister. We hope that the CBI will bring justice to the people and it seems that the investigation is going in the right direction. The ED is investigating several scandals in West Bengal.

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