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    Dharwad’s buffalo has gained national recognition, now this native breed is on its way to becoming popular all over the world

    (Majestic kalsa)

    Dharwad. The native breed of buffalo of Dharwad in Karnataka is now nationally recognized (buffalo gets national recognition). It is the first indigenous breed in Karnataka to get this importance. The locals call this buffalo Dharwadi Yemme (the buffalo is called Yemme in Kannada). Now this variety will be protected and developed. Thus, Dharwari buffalo is the 17th indigenous breed recognized.

    Dharwad is also famous for its delicious pada and its weaving and now its fame has spread in the field of animal husbandry as well. Dharwad’s pedigree is famous all over the world and it is said that the indigenous animals are responsible for this. And now Dharwadi has got some credit for the buffalo. Ghee obtained from the milk of this buffalo is used in Dharwadi Pede. Peda made from the milk of this buffalo is the most delicious.
    Research and recognition
    The National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Haryana recognized the breed after extensive research. The access number given to Dharwadi buffalo is INDIA_BUFFALO_0800_DHARWADI_01018 and it is the 17th recognized breed in the country. Now this code will be used for research and study worldwide and it will be recognized. The Department of Livestock Science, Dharwad Agricultural University has played an important role in getting the recognition of this local variety.

    The department, led by Dr Bishwanath Kulkarni, conducted extensive research on the breed between 2014 and 2017 and sent its report to the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources. He said, ‘Detailed analysis of buffalo size, its size, its characteristics, milk production and fertility and also its DNA has been done here. Crescent-shaped horns, and its dark black complexion were thought to be common features of this breed of buffalo. Dharwadi buffaloes can produce up to 980 liters of milk in a cycle of about 335 days. Its milk contains 7% fat and 9.5% fat-free substance. I am happy that all the research done on this subject has given good results and this variety has been recognized. Research on this topic began when Dr. Kulkarni was head of the Department of Animal Science. He is currently a researcher and manages the institute.

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    Local varieties
    Although the name of this breed is Dharwad buffalo, 14 more districts besides Dharwad come under Dharwad region. Many families have kept this breed of buffalo for many generations and sold its milk to feed their families. Yellappa has 10 buffaloes of this breed. He is very happy about this news. “People at the university (University of Agricultural Sciences) say that after getting this recognition, this variety will get many benefits and now it will be able to be protected and developed. I am glad that someone has finally recognized this local buffalo breed. Unlike hybrid breeds, local breeds do not produce much milk. But it is very good for health. Now everyone will give us importance to this local animal. That’s enough for us, “he said.

    The people of this region believe that getting national recognition will bring many benefits to these buffaloes and other people. Mudhol, which is a local breed of dog, is known internationally today and has many advantages. Mudhol was recognized and assisted in its reproduction and research and development. The Gobil community, which has been keeping this breed as a profession for many generations, hopes that the Dharwadi buffalo will also get the same benefits.

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