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    China is watching the project in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, which is a cause for concern for India

    New Delhi. The Taliban can now announce their government in Afghanistan at any time. Meanwhile, the Taliban have the highest hopes in the world from China. A Taliban spokesman has now spoken publicly. The Taliban need money to run the country, which they expect to get from China. But China’s eyes are on its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) project which is worth billions of dollars.

    With this project, China wants to connect Europe, Africa and Asia through its roads, railways and waterways. The first route under the BRI, which is planned to run from China to Iraq via Russia and Iran, requires Afghan assistance. This is why China wants a government in Afghanistan that works accordingly. In this context, China seems to have sided with the Taliban from the beginning.

    China’s statement on BRI project
    China said on Friday that the Taliban supported the BRI project and saw it as good for its country. China says the Taliban believe the BRI project will bring prosperity to the country and strengthen the broken economy.

    Xi Jinping’s ambitious project
    The project was launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. India has been opposed to the project from the beginning as it also includes the CPEC project, which will pass through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India has been saying that Pakistan is an integral part of occupied Kashmir which is occupied by Pakistan.

    China’s intentions in the Ashraf Ghani government failed
    China, along with Pakistan, also included Afghanistan in the CPEC, but so far the work has not progressed rapidly due to American influence. China was not getting much help from the Ashraf Ghani government. Now there is a government in Afghanistan that needs China because the Western countries are not ready to help it.

    Why worry about India?
    In such a scenario, if China resumes work on its ambitious project, it will be a matter of concern for India. This is because now China’s infiltration will be stronger not only in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir but also in Afghanistan.

    India is taking step by step steps on the Taliban issue. Many UN reports say that organizations such as Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba are working with the Taliban. If these teams expand their training systems and bases in Afghanistan in the future, they could become very dangerous.

    The Taliban can finance and train these organizations in the name of Islamic extremism. When it comes to destabilizing India, there should be little lack of funding from Dragon.

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