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    BJP will not form an alliance with any party in Maharashtra! Says- It has nothing to do with those who cheat

    Aurang Rangabad. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Maharashtra branch president Chandrakant Patil on Saturday said his party would not form any more electoral alliances with the deceived parties. He mentioned the Shiv Sena, which broke the decades-old alliance with the BJP and formed the state government in 2019 with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Congress.

    Patil told reporters in Jalna that the BJP was getting good support from the people of the state and so there was no need to ally with the people who voted in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his efficient administration, but later changed direction. Taken. “We will not ally with those who (referring to Shiv Sena) have won the Chief Minister’s post with 5 seats in the Assembly or those (NCP) who have won the Deputy Chief Minister’s post with 54 seats or those who have won the post of Deputy Chief Minister with 54 seats.” He said that (Congress) has got the post of Revenue Minister with 44 seats

    What will change in Maharashtra unit?
    Rejecting rumors of a change in the Maharashtra BJP organization, former chief minister Devendra Fardanbish slapped state president Chandrakant Patil on the back. Devendra Fardanbish said that Patil is doing a great job and the team is standing behind him. Farnabish added that the Delhi High Command is also with him. We are all with him.

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    Notably, Maharashtra BJP leaders have been visiting Delhi continuously for the past few days. There was speculation that the Maharashtra BJP would change its organization.

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