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    Arman Kohli case: Codeword used to determine drug quality, NCB exposed

    New Delhi. Mumbai NCB has unveiled the tragic secret of high profile drug dealer Ajay Raju Singh alias Mamu, who was arrested in actor Arman Kohli’s drug case. During the investigation, the NCB came up with the startling code word for supplying drugs to the NCB, which was decoded by the NCB. According to the NCB, Mamu used to supply three types of drugs and use different codewords for it. He named these codewords Bullets or Capsules.

    According to the NCB, Mamu not only guaranteed to give people authentic drugs, he also made three classes of drugs and gave them codewords called Blue Bullet, Green Bullet and Black Bullet. According to sources, Mamu used to supply most of his medicines to high profile people associated with Bollywood and his customers were also absolutely fine. If any of these customers demanded absolutely authentic medicine from him, he would provide him with blue bullet medicine. If the customer demands substandard drugs, he is provided with green bullet drugs, while black bullet coded drugs are provided if there is a demand for very low quality drugs.

    According to the NCB, Mamu used to supply MD and cocaine and he fixed the codeword based on the quality of this drug. Under the Blue Bullet codeword, one gram of pure cocaine cost around Rs 10-12 thousand, while one gram of pure MD cost Rs 2-3 thousand. In the codeword of Green Bullet, Mamu used to charge 8-10 thousand for one gram of cocaine because it was not completely pure, while the price of one gram of MD was 1500-1800 rupees.

    Black bullet means 100 grams of cocaine
    The price of one gram of cocaine in Black Bullet Codeword was 5000-6000 rupees, while the price of one gram of MD was 700-1000 rupees. Because it was the worst quality medicine. Samir Wankhede, joint director, Mumbai NCB, said the investigation so far has revealed that Ajay Raju Singh alias Mamu was a high profile drug dealer and supplied drugs through codewords. Its vendors are spread across many areas and work to deliver medicines to specific customers. We have decoded the codewords and are working on further investigations.

    Mamu was arrested on August 2
    In fact, Ajay Raju Singh alias Mamu was arrested by the NCB on August 28 along with Haji Ali’s MD drugs and it was on his instructions that actor Arman Kohli reached the NCB. South American cocaine was recovered from Kohli’s home. Based on the interrogation of the two, the NCB raided several areas in Mumbai and Nalasopara and arrested Mamu’s associates. Among them, Chia Bhai, who was supplying drugs to Mamu, was arrested. Not only that, foreign drug dealer Nawachia and Israel Nawachuku were also arrested for taking drugs to Arman Kohli. In fact, by ordering medicines from Colombia and Nigeria, they would both reach out to Mamu and then Mamu would deliver to his specific customers.

    NCB has got clues about the connection of Bollywood and TV stars with drug dealer Ajay Raju Singh alias Mamu. Based on this source, many stars are on the NCB’s radar, who may be questioned in the future, and more information will be available in this regard.

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