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    Amarinder vs. Sidhu: Has Harish Rawat’s changed statement increased factionalism in the Punjab Congress?

    New Delhi. Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat’s statement has caused trouble for the party. Alam said that Rawat’s daily changing speech has become the neck of the party. Who will lead the election in Punjab? On this question, Rawat stuck the team badly. The statement that elections will sometimes be held under the leadership of Captain (CM Amarinder Singh) has increased factionalism in the Punjab Congress.

    The Congress had placed former chief minister and veteran leader Harish Rawat in charge of a complex and sectarian state like Punjab in the hope that he would use his experience to bring about a ceasefire between Captain and Sidhu and other rebel leaders. However, Rawat’s daily changing statements not only bring disrespect to the party, but also increase factionalism in the state. The issue is becoming more complicated rather than resolved.

    Let us tell you that any statement of Rawat has angered the two big groups of the party. In the first statement, when he spoke of the 2022 elections led by Amarinder Singh, the Sidhu (Navjot Singh Sidhu) camp was outraged. Seeing the situation deteriorating, he spoke of a united leadership, after which Amarinder Singh Shibir became angry. After Rawat’s first speech, Sidhu Shibir became very angry and publicly targeted pro-Sidhu MLA Pargat Singh Rawat.

    Seeing the growing pressure, Rawat turned around and spoke of collective leadership. Amarinder Shibir became angry after Rawat’s statement. Rawat’s changed statement not only brought disrespect to the party but also gave more air to the party. Not only that, when he reached Chandigarh to settle the dispute, Sidhu and the four leaders who were with him were given the title of Panj Pair, after which the dispute escalated so much that he had to apologize.

    At the behest of Sonia Gandhi, the three-member committee, in a meeting with the leaders, avoided controversy by talking about collective leadership. The committee also announced the names of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, Amarinder Singh and the then president Sunil Jakhar.

    Later, the matter of giving command to the captain of Rawat again uprooted the dead. What is happening at the moment in such a situation is that instead of resolving the party’s quarrel with Rawat’s statement, the party has become more confused.

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