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    After all, why did KCR have to enter national politics before the elections? understand the reason


    Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has changed the name of his party
    Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) will now be known as Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS).

    New Delhi. The Telangana National Committee, which emerged from the agitation, became the National Committee of India on Wednesday. The general meeting of the Telangana National Committee unanimously changed the name of TRS to Bharat Rashtra Samiti. That is, now it is not only a state-wide party, but now it has become a national party. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced that he will tour the country ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Chandrasekhar Rao is going to organize a big event soon. In this program, the major leaders of the opposition parties will appear on a platform.

    However, the question now arises that when the state assembly elections are on the brink, why does Chandrasekhar Rao need to join the national party? The state has assembly elections before December 2023. In such a situation, what is the reason behind the thought of challenging the present government in the Lok Sabha elections instead of worrying about forming the government again in the state? The state of Telangana was formed in February 2014. Since then the state has had a TRS government and Chandra Shekhar Rao has been the Chief Minister since the formation of the state.

    Those who are in the opposition party

    The opposition party in Telangana state is the Congress, but indications of who the real opposition is are beginning to emerge from 2020. In 2020, the BJP won 49 seats in the GHMC elections in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. In the last assembly elections, BJP got only 6.30 percent votes and only one of their candidates could win the election, but in the Lok Sabha elections held 6 months after the assembly elections, four BJP MPs were elected and also crossed the vote percentage. 19%.. Not only this, BJP also got great success in many by-elections after the Lok Sabha elections. One victory that emboldened the BJP top leadership was the victory of M Raghunandan Rao from Dubakka. Dubka Assembly borders the assembly of sitting Chief Minister KCR and his son and TRS working president KTR and the third most popular TRS leader Harish Rao, who is TRS general secretary. It is called the stronghold of TRS. At the same time, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation election results gave wings to BJP’s hopes. After these two victories, BJP’s confidence grew that KCR can be defeated in Telangana.

    There are two major castes in Telangana. The first caste is Munnarkapu and the second major caste is Reddy. The vote bank of these two castes is more than 40%. Apart from this, the influence of Velma Varna is also undeniable. This is also the caste of Chief Minister KCR. BJP is now going hard in the state where Bundi Sanjay from Munnarkapu caste has been made the state president. At the same time, G Kishan Reddy is trying to awaken this kind of vote bank by giving him a place in the cabinet. In view of the OBC vote bank, the BJP fielded K Laxman, a senior leader of the state, from Uttar Pradesh’s Kota to the Rajya Sabha.

    The YC factor

    Hyderabad strongman Asaduddin Waisi wields a lot of influence in around 7 to 10 assembly and 2 Lok Sabha constituencies in Hyderabad and these are the assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies where BJP assesses the party to do well. On the other hand, through Vesey, the BJP can create an atmosphere in the entire state, which can benefit them in the assembly elections.

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    KCR We are shocked to see the growing influence of BJP in the state. Thus, his attempt to convey to the people of the state that his party is not just a big party in the state, but can challenge the BJP in national politics. On the other hand, the way KCR is trying to unite the opposition parties in the country also shows that the leader of his state has a distinct identity on the national stage and the ability to lead the opposition. KCR’s team feels that the benefits of all this can bring back its lost prestige and support base in the state.

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