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    Yoga Sessions: Do this simple yoga exercise to take care of the nerves from the nose to the throat

    Yoga session with Sabita Yadav: You can take care of your health by practicing yoga regularly. With very simple work and exercise, you can increase your stamina and flexibility. Today, in News18’s live yoga session, yoga instructor Sabita Yadav taught herself to repair herself through small exercises. Find out today how to keep nerves healthy from nose to throat.

    Purification of the place of pronunciation and pure chakra

    1) To correct the pronunciation space and the pure chakra, add your two legs together and stand up straight. Keep your eyes open and look ahead. Close your mouth this time. Keep your hands straight and pay full attention to the place of pronunciation and neck and inhale and exhale forcefully with your nose, i.e. practice breathing. Do this 10-12 times. Remember that if you have a problem with high blood pressure, do not practice breathing hard. Let us tell you that doing this exercise clears the path from the nose to the throat. At this point, if you can’t stand with your legs together, create a little distance between the two legs. Now take a break. Take a long and deep breath and release it.

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    2) To do the next breathing exercise, stand in a straight position and move your neck backwards and keep all your attention on the top of the head and practice breathing from the nose as before. During this time, you may feel dizzy, so it is advisable to do this exercise with your eyes open. After doing this for a while, take long and deep breaths and relax.

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    3) Next, to do the next exercise, stand in the first position and look forward. Keep your head straight and eyes forward. Now turn your eyes. During this time, you need to look down while keeping the head and face straight and repeat the process of breathing. This action also needs to be done for some time. After that, slowly stop exercising and breathe normally and relax.

    You can keep yourself healthy through this subtle practice and gradually increase your ability to do yoga.

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