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    Yoga Session: Teach children this asana before sun salutation, it will increase the strength of the body

    Yoga session with Sabita Yadav: Regular yoga not only fits the body, it is also very beneficial for mental health. Today, yoga instructor Sabita Yadav taught how to take care of your health through sun salutation in a live yoga session of News18. Also calculate its benefits. According to him, it causes the overall development of the body. This exercise is also known to be very beneficial for children. Breathing care is also very important in this case. During this procedure, inhaling and exhaling through the nose is recommended. Through this a weak person becomes strong. It reduces obesity and increases restraint, but it is very important to do small exercises before sun salutation. Let us know what subtle things can be done before saluting the sun.

    Do these subtle asanas before the sun salutation

    First, sit in a meditative position and pay full attention to breathing and make a firm resolve to practice yoga in the mind.
    After that, the stool should sit up easily. If you are overweight, sit with your legs open and if you can easily sit in a stool position, join your legs. Sit in this position for a while. If you want, try walking on a yoga mat sitting in this posture. If this is not easy to do, you can also take the help of hands in between. Doing so eliminates the problem of constipation.

    Then sit comfortably and spread your legs forward. Next, bring your thighs closer to the abdomen and then remove them. While doing this, employ your core energy. Inhale while moving the legs and exhale while moving the thighs away from contact with your upper body. You need to do this 8 to 10 times. This time, keep the waist straight.

    After that you need to practice butterflies easily. The waist should be kept straight while doing this seat. This time, take care of your breathing and do it for a while as much as you can. Then do Padmasana.

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