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    Women are not able to quit smoking faster than men – research

    Quit smoking: Smoking is harmful to health, it is known to cigarette manufacturers, sellers as well as those who drink it. And once one becomes addicted to it, it is not easy for anyone to give it up. This is why people try to quit it for many reasons, even those who have a strong will succeed in quitting it, but for some people the desire to smoke strengthens their will and they are unable to give it up. A study conducted on cigarette smokers has yielded interesting results.

    According to a report published in the Daily Hindustan, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Burgundy in France found that there are fewer women than men among cigarette smokers. But it is more difficult for women to give up this addiction.

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    The study was conducted on 37,949 people. The number of women was 16 thousand 492 or 43.5 percent. Where the number of males was 21,457, i.e. 56.5 per cent.

    Cholesterol, BP, the number of people with sugar
    Among the women surveyed, the number of women with high cholesterol was 30 percent and 33 percent among men. That is, men were more likely to have high cholesterol. At the same time, there were more men than women with high blood pressure. Of these, 226 per cent were men with high blood pressure and 223 per cent were women. Men with diabetes were also one percent more likely than women.

    Depression and obesity are more common in women
    Obesity was found in 27 percent of women surveyed and 20 percent among men. At the same time, 37.5 percent of women experienced depression and restlessness, compared to 25.5 percent of men. Now, if we talk about the average cigarette use and nicotine dependence, the percentage of men in this case was higher than that of women. The average use of cigarettes in women in the study was 2, it was 227 in men. At the same time, women’s dependence on cigarettes was 56, while among men this number was 60.

    Quitting smoking rate is lower among women
    The study was presented at the ESP Congress (European Congress of Pathology) Congress 2021. Ingrid Allage, lead author of the study and PhD at the University of Burgundy, said she found in her study that obesity, depression and anxiety such as obesity, depression and anxiety are compared to women who seek help from smoking cessation services. And smoking cessation rates were low.

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    Self-report of smoking cessation for 28 consecutive days was confirmed by carbon monoxide measurements of 10 ppm (parts per million). “Our study concludes that it was more difficult for women to quit smoking despite having fewer cigarettes than nicotine-dependent men and a smaller number of women smoking,” she said. This can lead to more instability or depression and more obesity in women.

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