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    The mother needs extra care after delivery, drink this health drink, healing will happen soon

    Post-Delivery Ayurvedic Drinks: It is commonly seen that before the birth of the baby, mothers take a lot of care about food and drink, but after the birth of the child, all human attention goes to the baby and new mothers (new mothers) have to deal with post-delivery problems. In fact, even after the birth of a child, women have many problems such as weakness of the body, pain in various organs and so on. Not only that, the internal organs of the body take time to heal again. Apart from this, they have to make all kinds of efforts to deal with the problem of breastfeeding. If the mother’s health does not improve as soon as possible, the baby will not be able to get proper nutrition. There are some ayurvedic drinks in such situations, through which the problems after delivery can be cured as soon as possible. So let’s find out what those drinks are.

    1. Horse odor and cardamom decoction

    New mothers have to deal with acidity and joint pain after delivery. For this, you put a teaspoon of horseradish and two cardamoms in a glass of water and let the water boil in the gas. When the water is half done, turn off the gas and filter and drink this decoction. It is very beneficial for women after delivery.

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    2. Eating triphala tea

    Trifler powder contains amla, harad and baheda which are beneficial for stomach. It is useful in curing any stomach problem in women after delivery. In this case, boil two teaspoons of triphala powder in two cups of water. When it is half done, filter it and drink. Vitamin C present in amla detoxifies the female body and strengthens the immune system of Harad and Bahera.

    3. Yellow milk

    After delivery, women must drink yellow milk. Due to taking it, the damage done to the body due to pregnancy and childbirth is quickly recovered. It is also useful for blood clotting or uterine problems.

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