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    Savarkar is a very important person in Indian politics and history – Nirmala Sitharaman

    Book Publishing: Author Vikram Sampath’s book ‘Contest Legacy 1924-1966 in Savarkar’ was published under ‘Kitab’ at the initiative of Prabha Khaitan Foundation. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was the chief guest at the event held at India International Center. Indian economist Sanjeev Sanyal was present as the panelist and Shuvrostha conducted the program. Penguin’s Random House has published the book ‘Savarkar – A Competitive Legacy’.

    This is the second part of a book in two series. The first book, Savarkar: Echoes from a Forgotten Past, details 1883-1924 (A Forgotten Past from Savarkar Echoes), Bir Savarkar’s childhood influence, political activism, Kalapani’s imprisonment and his last release in 1924.

    Writer Vikram Sampath discusses the life and work of Binayak Damodar Savarkar, a controversial twentieth century politician, thinker and leader. He created this book by examining a wide range of original archive documents in India and beyond, in English and several Indian languages.

    Vikram Sampath said, “This book is an in-depth study of about 5 years from archives and libraries in India and abroad which explores the overall picture of a notorious and misunderstood person. I hope intelligent readers will read these fragments and form their own opinions about Savarkar, his legacy and his importance in India today. “

    Decades after his death, Binayak Damodar Savarkar has made a significant impact on the Indian political scene. What happened to those who were staunch supporters of Hindu-Muslim unity in the freedom struggle of 1857 when they became supporters of ‘Hindutva’?

    Savarkar, the former president of the All India Hindu Mahasabha, was a fierce critic of the politics of contentment of the Congress. After Gandhi’s assassination, Savarkar was accused of being a co-conspirator in the assassination, when he was acquitted by the court. Savarkar is still accused of playing a role in Gandhi’s assassination and this is an issue that is often discussed and debated.

    Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “I commend organizations like the Prabha Khaitan Foundation for giving people such opportunities. This is a very difficult and well-researched book by author Vikram, the prudence with which the author wrote this book after rigorous research is commendable. Savarkar is a very important figure in Indian politics and history and should therefore be discussed in detail.

    Economist Sanjeev Sanyal says it is an excellent work, very well written and very readable. He said, ‘I have read the first part, and half of the second part, and am enjoying it. I can say that these two pieces may be the best biographies written by Indian writers. ‘

    Nilima Dalmia Adhar, spokesperson for the Prabha Khaitan Foundation and a veteran writer, said the ‘Kitab’ initiative provides an important platform for writers to display their books. We are delighted with the opening of a new book by author Vikram Sampath.

    He said that ‘Savarkar – The Contested Legacy’ is being released in this challenging time of Kovid. In this book, readers will get to know Savarkar’s new personality and appearance.

    Prabha Khaitan Foundation
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